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International provider of electronic equipment and engineering for the subsea industry. RTS – Rental Technology & Services supplies technical solutions to the world’s major offshore companies involved in inspection, survey, subsea construction projects, fish farming, renewables, and defense.

RTS Anglerfish

INS DVL- and MBE calibration-platform: Testing and calibration on behalf of our customer, as well as on our own developed equipment.


RTS technology

Over the past 20 years, RTS has developed equipment that has become industry-leading in the subsea environment. We have an electrostatic discharge (ESD) production area for developing and assembling equipment designed by our engineers. All innovative systems are assembled on-site and can be engineered to meet customized requirements.

With our own mechanical workshop, RTS has an advantage in lead time and cost for building and supplying brackets and mechanical assemblies for our customers.

Watch this video to see the RTS NEMO in action.

Subsea Innovation Day 2024

On September 5th, Subsea Innovation Day (SID) kicks off again at RTS in Åkrehamn, Norway. We hope for good weather, a vibrant turnout, and inspiring talks and exhibitions centered around this year’s theme, ‘Seabed Intervention and Survey Support’

Featured RTS products

We design and manufacture industry-leading equipment for rental and purchase for offshore, subsea energy, and underwater industries. Alongside our RTS innovations, we have an in-house rental pool capable of supporting any hydrographic, oceanographic, positioning, and ROV tooling requirement.

Product image for RTS Nemo Subsea Navigator

RTS Nemo Subsea Navigator

The RTS NEMO Subsea Navigator is a combined subsea Inertial Navigation System (INS) and DVL solution for water depths up…
Product image for RTS Gen 5 MUX System 3000TI

RTS Gen 5 MUX System 3000TI

The Gen 5 MUX has rapidly manifested itself as the preferred high end ROV multiplexer solution in the industry. The MUX…
Product image for RTS LEVEL


The RTS LEVEL is a high-precision subsea inclinometer for ROVs and divers. By utilizing technology from the RTS TEXT subsea…
Product image for RTS CUBE SDM


The RTS CUBE SDM is a self-contained monitoring solution for subsea structures. It is used during the deployment and installation…
Product image for RTS CUBE


The RTS CUBE represents the next generation of self-contained subsea monitoring solutions. Based on years of experience with the industry favored…
Product image for RTS MetStab XL

RTS MetStab XL

The MetStab XL has the same high precision interface solution as the MetStab but with an increased diameter which allows…

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Updates from RTS

  • Subnero M25M Modem

    Subnero M25M Modem

    Our recent investment in Subnero M25M Series Modems, is now available for hire at RTS!🌊 These modems are set to enhance our rental fleet, supporting a wide range of cool features, including remote control and monitoring of subsea structure installations using the RTS CUBE and SDM systems, underwater communication and data transfer, subsea asset monitoring…

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  • RTS will serve as the primary hub for the rental of STS ROV dredges in Norway

    RTS will serve as the primary hub for the rental of STS ROV dredges in Norway

    Picture from left to right: Magne Vikra (RTS Norway), John Erik Dagslott (RTS Norway), Cameron Anderson (STS), Emily Anderson (STS), David Currie (RTS UK), and Billy Milne (STS). RTS can now proudly announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Subsea Tooling Services UK Ltd (STS). The strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the subsea industry, combining…

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  • RTS Goby® Wave Charger

    RTS Goby® Wave Charger

    “In the tree of life, finding ways to ensure continued survival often produces some remarkable outcomes. It also often produces some strange bedfellows. Take for example the symbiotic relationship between the pistol shrimp and the goby: the shrimp builds and maintains a burrow that both animals live in, and the goby offers the shrimp protection…

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