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RTS Level 360

The new generation RTS Level is a 1-axis full 360 degree high precision level for ROV’s and Divers. The Level 360 can measure both vertical and horizontal planes. By utilizing technology from the RTS TEXT subsea display the unit delivers unparalleled visibility and is capable of 70+ hours of continous subsea operation per charge cycle. […]

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The RTS CUBE SDM is a self-contained monitoring solution for subsea structures. It is used during the deployment and installation phase but can also be utilized for long-term monitoring to ensure structure stability and position. In addition to monitoring heading, deflection and suction can pressure, the system can also provide the user with live video […]

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RTS MetStab XL

The MetStab XL has the same high precision interface solution as the MetStab but with an increased diameter which allows for larger and heavier modules to be integrated without compromising the accuracy of the stab. The male and female stab can be easily locked and unlocked using the ROV handle. The MetStabXL allows for very […]

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The RTS SiLOG is a compact high spesification data logger, tailor-made for Subsea applications. Based on years of experience with a host different subsea sensors, the RTS Development team has engineered a versatile unit which can not only collect and provide safe data Storage Subsea, it also offers sensor Control through different comms options and […]

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RTS TEXT Subsea Display

The new RTS Subsea Display features leading edge functionality and sought after improvements for displaying information subsea. The RTS Engineering team introduces a unit that will provide unparalleled visibility, flexibility and up to one-tenth of the power consumption of existing product solutions. Features such as automated light sensitive startup, bar graph display, limit value indication and customized colors supplies […]

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