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Product image for Kongsberg Seapath 130

Kongsberg Seapath 130

Availability: Rental

The Seapath 130 series is developed specifically for hydrographic surveying where high-precision heading, position, velocity, roll, pitch, heave and timing are critical measurements. The product combines state-of-theart multi-frequency GNSS receivers, inertial technology and processing algorithms in a compact and portable package.  

Product image for Kongsberg Seapath 385

Kongsberg Seapath 385

Availability: Rental

The all-new Seapath 385 is based on the legacy of the Seapath 300-series and incorporates new hardware and advanced navigation algorithms. The Seapath 385 is developed specifically for hydrographic surveying where high-precision heading, position, velocity, roll, pitch, heave and timing are critical measurements. Our solution combines state-of-the-art inertial technology and processing algorithms with multi-frequency GPS, […]

Product image for SMD Artemis System (Passive)

SMD Artemis System (Passive)

Availability: Rental

Artemis is the cable and pipeline tracking solution that everyone has been crying out for. Representing a huge leap forward in cable detection technology, like its namesake, the Artemis is an unrivalled hunter, significantly outperforming the next best solution in terms of depth, orientation and accuracy. Artemis Trenching and Artemis Survey systems have been specifically […]

Product image for Sonardyne Nano Transponder

Sonardyne Nano Transponder

Availability: Rental

Nano is Sonardynes smallest ever USBL transponder, designed to let you know where your divers, man-portable AUVs, towed platforms, underwater drones and ROVs are throughout their mission. Nano’s built using the same signal technology platform you’ll find in our award-winning 6G product line – Wideband 2. So you can expect reliable acoustic communications in all […]

Product image for Sonardyne Wideband®Sub-Mini 6+

Sonardyne Wideband®Sub-Mini 6+

Availability: Rental

The Wideband®Sub-Mini 6+ (WSM 6+) is one our most popular USBL transponders, selected by customers for its small size, value and dependable performance in all environments, shallow or deep. The WSM 6+ is Sonardyne’s latest generation of versatile Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) transponders/responders that support Wideband 2 signals. The WSM 6+ is designed for positioning Remotely […]

Product image for Valeport SWiFT SVP (500m)

Valeport SWiFT SVP (500m)

Availability: Rental

Designed for coastal, harbour and inland hydrographic survey use, the SWiFT SVP makes a seamless workflow a reality in a compact, robust and portable package. Now rated to 500m as standard with 0.01% FS accuracy, it has integral GNSS to geo-locate every profile. This new compact unit features high accuracy SV, Pressure and Temperature as […]

Product image for Valeport uvSVX Sensor

Valeport uvSVX Sensor

Availability: Rental

Sound Velocity, Temperature and Pressure with calculated Salinity & Density for an Underwater Vehicle. Designed for underwater vehicles where space is at a premium, the compact uvSVX features Valeport’s ‘Time of Flight’ technology that delivers SVP with calculated salinity and density data.High accuracy data is assured with the addition of Valeport’s uniquely interchangeable pressure module […]

Product image for Valeport MinilPS2 Sensor

Valeport MinilPS2 Sensor

Availability: Rental

The smart miniIPS2 underwater pressure sensor with accuracy to 0.01%, offers a cost-effective solution to vehicle pilots who require highly accurate depth information in real-time. Key to the design is the unique interchangeable pressure module that allows users to change pressure transducers for maximising operational specific depth requirements. This innovative pressure module, with integral calibration, […]

Product image for Valeport Bathypack 2 System

Valeport Bathypack 2 System

Availability: Rental

The Bathy2 is an enhancement of the MIDAS Bathypack offering offering Valeport’s proven construction survey industry standard sensors to generate precision Sound Velocity and Density profiles for highly accurate depth and height data. Key features include interchangeable pressure sensors to maximise accuracy for depth application, external input from a Digiquartz pressure transducer and separate output […]

Product image for RTS Green Line Laser Gen 2

RTS Green Line Laser Gen 2

Availability: Rental, Sale

The RTS Green Line Laser Gen 2 produces a straight green line with uniform intensity over a long range, made possible by its wavelength enabling maximum water penetration. Aligned laser setup provides excellent accuracy for close range inspection and measurements. The RTS Green Line Laser Gen 2 is designed to ensure exceptional stability under varying […]

Product image for RTS Goby® Wave Charger

RTS Goby® Wave Charger

RTS has over the years explored different concepts of wave energy systems, and concluded that most of these theories were complex, inefficient, and costly to manufacture. RTS believe that if wave energy should become a commercial success it requires to be a simple, environmentally friendly, cost effective and small-scale solution which would eventually mature into […]

Product image for RTS Fiber Adaptor Pod

RTS Fiber Adaptor Pod

Availability: Rental, Sale

The RTS Fiber Adaptor Pod is used to convert the fiber from the RTS Gen 5 / Gen 6 Multiplexer to fit on a Schilling ROV.

Product image for Exail Gaps M5

Exail Gaps M5

Availability: Rental

Gaps M5 is a Medium frequency Ultra-Short Baseline (USBL) positioning system for accurate location, positioning and tracking of subsea assets, from ultra-shallow water to medium water depths. It combines an USBL integrated with a heading and attitude sensor based on iXblue FOG technology. Available in free of export version* and extended range version (Gaps M5-XR), […]

Product image for Seanav 300 Series

Seanav 300 Series

The SeaNav 300 navigation sensor is tested and approved in accordance with international regulations as a THD (Transmitting Heading Device), and has Wheelmark certification. The SeaNav 300 provides position and true heading output with no moving parts. The instrument has the potential of replacing several vessel instruments with one compact navigation package (gyrocompass, GNSS receiver […]

Product image for MicroPap (µPAP) Compact acoustic positioning system

MicroPap (µPAP) Compact acoustic positioning system

Availability: Rental

µPAP is a small and compact acoustic positioning system for operation from a surface vessel to track ROV’s, tow fish, divers and any other subsea target at ranges to several thousand meters. The system operates in SSBL mode where it measures the distance and direction to subsea transponders and computes a 3D position in local […]

Product image for Forssea NAV CAM

Forssea NAV CAM

Availability: Rental

NAV CAM is an all-in-one ROV / AUV visual based navigation and control centre. NAV CAM features an embedded GPU, integrated pressure sensor and Inertial Navigation System and the V-LOC software is supplied as standard. Image treatments are processed in real-time using the dedicated software to achieve highly accurate positioning. NAV CAM is fully comptabile […]

Product image for cNode Micro Transponder

cNode Micro Transponder

Availability: Rental, Sale

The cNODE® Micro transponder rated to 600 meters, is small and light enough to be used by divers and shallow water ROV’s. Operating on KONGSBERG Cymbal digital acoustic protocols the cNODE Micro provides the optimal positioning performance with the KONGSBERG range of SSBL systems from µPAP® through to HiPAP®. The telemetry capability allows the battery status to […]

Product image for TTC Light

TTC Light

Availability: Rental, Sale

TTC Light is a simple software that runs on your Windows PC for configuration of the cNODE family of transponders. TTC Light can also be used to acoustically test other transponders on deck by connecting a cNODE MiniS to the PC.

Product image for TTC 30

TTC 30

Availability: Rental, Sale

The TTC unit is for on deck acoustic testing and configuration of the cNODE transponders. The TTC can test all KM transponder channels including the latest Cymbal acoustic protocols. It can also test telemetry transponders with internal and external sensors. The TTC is a touch screen/trackball operated transponder tester set in a splash-proof portable case […]

Product image for RTS Gen 6 Mux

RTS Gen 6 Mux

Availability: Rental, Sale

With 15 years of experience with the Gen 5 Mux, and previous generations of ROV sensor interface products, RTS is now developing the next generation survey multiplexer. The Gen 6 is a redesign of the Gen 5, from the ground, to improve reliability, performance, and service friendliness of the unit. The unit is easily operated […]

Product image for Impact Subsea ISD4000

Impact Subsea ISD4000

Availability: Rental, Sale

Impact Subsea presents the ground breaking ISD4000 family of depth sensors. Compact, lightweight and highly robust, the ISD4000 is ideal for ROV, AUV and other underwater Depth and Temperature measurement applications with optional integrated Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS). The ISD4000 utilises the latest in sensing technology to provide a Depth accuracy of 0.01% […]