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Product image for Tool Tech IPHU Skid

Tool Tech IPHU Skid

Availability: Rental, Sale

Tool Tec’s Isolated Hydraulic Power Unit (IHPU) Skid is ideal for many applications and can be fitted directly to most WROVs utilising the 4-point mounting arrangement. The skids integrated Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) generates hydraulic power to operate ROV subsea tooling utilising an internal oil reservoir which is independent of the ROVs main hydraulic system. […]

Product image for Subnero M25M Standalone (SC) Modem

Subnero M25M Standalone (SC) Modem

Availability: Rental, Sale

Subnero’s silver edition standalone underwater smart modem is the workhorse communication node to be used in the general commercial deployments. This modem also provides options for customization and extension at many levels, allowing network protocols as well as physical layer algorithms to be implemented and tested easily. The standalone configuration (SC) is designed with a […]

Product image for Subsea Tooling Services Boulder Grabs

Subsea Tooling Services Boulder Grabs

Availability: Rental, Sale

Subsea Tooling Services offers an extensive inventory of hydraulic boulder grabs, with capacities ranging from 3 tons to 20 tons. Every grab is fully certified and equipped with stainless steel hinge pins, marine-grade paint, and completely marinised hydraulic cylinders for optimal performance in subsea conditions.Each unit is accompanied by a comprehensive documentation and certification pack, […]

Product image for Subsea Tooling Services Dredges

Subsea Tooling Services Dredges

Availability: Rental, Sale

Subsea Tooling Services Dredges, featuring the most advanced fluid dynamic technology, are the most efficient on the market. Designed for ease of use, they are compatible with both Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and divers. These advanced dredge systems can be adapted underwater to perform either dredging or jetting tasks without the need to retrieve the […]

Product image for Tritech Gemini 1200ik Sonar (1000m)

Tritech Gemini 1200ik Sonar (1000m)

Availability: Rental

The Gemini 1200ik multibeam imaging sonar is a powerful addition to the popular Gemini range. The multibeam imaging sonar offers two operational frequencies with the ability to switch between low and high frequency dependant on the user’s requirement. The 720kHz low frequency setting is designed for target identification and obstacle avoidance at long range, whilst […]

Product image for Tritech Gemini NBI Sonar

Tritech Gemini NBI Sonar

Availability: Rental

The Gemini NBI produces an acoustic image, cutting through the water with a narrow acoustic beam and at the high refresh rate offered from the Gemini range of multibeam sonars. Based on the proven design of the Gemini 720i, the Gemini NBI uses a 1° vertical beam instead of the 20° vertical beam found previously. […]

Product image for Applied Acoustics 1100 Mini Beacon

Applied Acoustics 1100 Mini Beacon

Availability: Rental

1100 Series Mini Beacons incorporate the next generation of applied acoustics’ Sigma 2 acoustic protocols. Utilising bi-directional wide band width spread spectrum provides precise range resolution and positional stability. The Sigma 2 protocols are designed for use with Easytrak Pyxis and Nexus 2. The 1100 Series also retains compatibility with all Easytrak systems and other […]

Product image for Imenco Lizard Shark HD Camera

Imenco Lizard Shark HD Camera

Availability: Rental

The Lizard Shark HD – Pan / Tilt HD Zoom Camera with Lights is a unique subsea pan/tilt camera with a diameter of only 90mm, allowing you to access and inspect difficult targets in an efficient and safe manner. Imenco’s Lizard Shark HD – Pan / Tilt HD Zoom Camera with Lights rated to 1,000msw. […]

Product image for Nortek VM Coastal Package

Nortek VM Coastal Package

Availability: Rental

The Signature VM package delivers vessel-mounted ADCP capabilities based on present-day technology, it safeguards data quality, opens up new and unprecedented opportunities to the scientific community, and offers operational convenience and reduced complexity. The VM Coastal package includes the Signature1000, 500 or 250, allowing for great versatility in both the vessel-mounted and bottom-mounted configurations. By […]

Product image for I2S OrphieCam 3000

I2S OrphieCam 3000

Availability: Rental

The OrphieCam 3000 is designed for deep-sea applications down to 3000 meters. This camera stands out in extreme underwater environments by offering unrivalled visibility, making it the preferred choice for a variety of ultra-deepwater applications. OrphieCam 3000 is an indispensable ally. It delivers a real-time video stream with minimal latency and low bandwidth. The camera […]

Product image for I2S OrphieCam 300

I2S OrphieCam 300

Availability: Rental

OrphieCam 300 is designed to excel in challenging environments up to 300 meters depth. It is the best choice for a wide range of applications with exceptional visibility distance in turbid waters. Offering real-time video streaming with less than 130 ms  of latency and low bandwidth, this camera will meet the needs of professionals.

Product image for Impact Subsea FMD System

Impact Subsea FMD System

Availability: Rental

Impact Subsea are proud to present the ground breaking ISFMD: the smallest, most advanced and reliable acoustic Flooded Member Detection System available today. Suitable for Diver or ROV use, the ISFMD utilises a broadband composite transducer probe together with an advanced acoustic engine to provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability in readings. Through […]

Product image for Kongsberg EM2042 MBES System

Kongsberg EM2042 MBES System

Availability: Rental

Small in size, but powerful in potential, the EM 2042 Multibeam Echosounder is efficient, light, robust and reliable: delivering high-density, high-resolution, clean data in the most demanding marine environments. With simple installation and failure free operation, the EM 2042 has been designed for use on a wide variety of vessels. It’s accuracy, versatility and stability, […]

Product image for Kongsberg Seatex MRU-5+

Kongsberg Seatex MRU-5+

Availability: Rental

The MRU 5+ product is upgraded with the best MEMS based gyro technology available. With exceptional low angle noise and bias stability, the product is ideal for integrated INS/GNSS systems and demanding survey applications.

Product image for Kongsberg Seatex MRU-5

Kongsberg Seatex MRU-5

Availability: Rental

The MRU 5 represents the pinnacle of marine motion sensing technology – embodying a specially designed fifth-generation device that excels in delivering high precision motion measurements within marine applications. It stands out in its ability to offer highly accurate roll, pitch, and heave measurements for the most demanding users.

Product image for Kongsberg Seatex MRU-H

Kongsberg Seatex MRU-H

Availability: Rental

MRU H, the versatile heave compensator, represents the fifth generation MRU specially designed for heave compensation applications. As an ideal sensor for a range of marine applications requiring highly accurate heave measurements, this unit enhances the precision in environments with extreme horizontal accelerations.

Product image for Kongsberg cNODE Modem MiniS

Kongsberg cNODE Modem MiniS

Availability: Rental

The cNODE Modem MiniS is designed for the Point 2 Point transfer of data between two cNODE’s or to a surface vessel equipped with any HiPAP and µPAP systems. The data telemetry operates on CYMBAL digital protocols, Kongsberg field proven robust proprietary link. One cNODE Modem MiniS can address several other cNODE Modems during operation […]

Product image for Kongsberg Seapath 130

Kongsberg Seapath 130

Availability: Rental

The Seapath 130 series is developed specifically for hydrographic surveying where high-precision heading, position, velocity, roll, pitch, heave and timing are critical measurements. The product combines state-of-theart multi-frequency GNSS receivers, inertial technology and processing algorithms in a compact and portable package.  

Product image for Kongsberg Seapath 385

Kongsberg Seapath 385

Availability: Rental

The all-new Seapath 385 is based on the legacy of the Seapath 300-series and incorporates new hardware and advanced navigation algorithms. The Seapath 385 is developed specifically for hydrographic surveying where high-precision heading, position, velocity, roll, pitch, heave and timing are critical measurements. Our solution combines state-of-the-art inertial technology and processing algorithms with multi-frequency GPS, […]

Product image for SMD Artemis System (Passive)

SMD Artemis System (Passive)

Availability: Rental

Artemis is the cable and pipeline tracking solution that everyone has been crying out for. Representing a huge leap forward in cable detection technology, like its namesake, the Artemis is an unrivalled hunter, significantly outperforming the next best solution in terms of depth, orientation and accuracy. Artemis Trenching and Artemis Survey systems have been specifically […]

Product image for Sonardyne Nano Transponder

Sonardyne Nano Transponder

Availability: Rental

Nano is Sonardynes smallest ever USBL transponder, designed to let you know where your divers, man-portable AUVs, towed platforms, underwater drones and ROVs are throughout their mission. Nano’s built using the same signal technology platform you’ll find in our award-winning 6G product line – Wideband 2. So you can expect reliable acoustic communications in all […]