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RTS offers a wide range of self-developed products together with products from other leading subsea equipment manufacturers.    

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    Product image for RTS Gen 5 MUX System 3000TI

    RTS Gen 5 MUX System 3000TI

    The Gen 5 MUX has rapidly manifested itself as the preferred high end ROV multiplexer solution in the industry. The MUX covers the increasing demand for accurate, flexible and robust subsea data transfer combined with user-friendly interfacing. Offered models and options allow for supplementary functions such as Composite and HD video, fibre assembly adaptors and channel customization. The […]

    Product image for RTS Nemo Subsea Navigator

    RTS Nemo Subsea Navigator

    The RTS NEMO Subsea Navigator is a combined INS and DVL solution for water depths up to 4000m. The unit is purpose-built for ROV navigation and features state-of-the-art field proven components from renowned subsea manufacturers iXblue, Nortek and RTS. NEMO has been designed for maximum reliability with such features as maintenance-free power drop-out protection, titanium […]

    Product image for RTS LEVEL


    The RTS LEVEL is a high-precision inclinometer for ROVs and divers. By utilizing technology from the RTS TEXT subsea display the unit delivers unparalleled visibility and is capable of 70+ hours of continous subsea operation per charge cycle. The unit also features an optional external input which can interface up to two sensors. The RTS […]

    Product image for RTS AXIS


    The RTS AXIS is a high-accuracy subsea pitch and roll sensor. The unit provides an absolute accuracy of 0,1 degrees from -45 to +45 degrees across both axis with exceptional repeatability. This makes the RTS AXIS an excellent choice for checks and verifications during subsea inspection and construction work. The 4000 meter rated titanium housing, […]

    Product image for RTS CUBE SDM


    The RTS CUBE SDM is a self-contained monitoring solution for subsea structures. It is used during the deployment and installation phase but can also be utilized for long-term monitoring to ensure structure stability and position. In addition to monitoring heading, deflection and suction can pressure, the system can also provide the user with live video […]

    Product image for Schilling T4

    Schilling T4

    The Schilling T4 manipulator is widely regarded as the industry’s premier system that offers the optimum combination of dexterity and strength required to perform fine movements and more complex tasks. Hundreds of TITAN manipulators are in use worldwide every day, and are the predominant manipulator of choice for work-class ROV systems. Constructed mostly from titanium, the T4 is uniquely […]

    Product image for R2Sonic 2024

    R2Sonic 2024

    The Sonic 2024 is the world’s first proven wideband high resolution shallow water multi beam echo sounder. With proven results and unmatched performance, the Sonic 2024 produces reliable and remarkably clean data with maximum user flexibility through all range settings to 500m. The unprecedented 60 kHz signal bandwidth offers twice the resolution of any other […]

    Product image for RTS MetSTAB


    The RTS MetSTAB Metrology Stab has been designed based on years of experience with different mechanical subsea interfacing solutions. The unit features unrivaled mating precision and repeatability to ensure objects or subsea equipment is placed correctly in all axes. A special ROV- or diver-operable locking mechanism ensures vertical locking of the male stab during critical […]

    Product image for Super Grinder

    Super Grinder

    The ROV based super grinder is designed for effective and precise cutting. Blades for both steel and concrete is available on request. Our grinders are supplied as standard with special coarse blades with longer life span than normal blades.