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The RTS CUBE SDM is a self-contained monitoring solution for subsea structures. It is used during the deployment and installation phase but can also be utilized for long-term monitoring to ensure structure stability and position. In addition to monitoring heading, deflection and suction can pressure, the system can also provide the user with live video and a number of optional sensors. Based on a proven track record the RTS CUBE SDM is the second generation of SDM systems and offers unparalleled performance and control during critical operations.

For more info or a system demonstration, please contact RTS.


  • Real-time comprehensive structure monitoring
  • Software for presentation, control and calibration
  • Logging and time-stamping of all sensor data
  • Wireless system testing and logging
  • Advanced subsea display features
  • Real-time tide compensation (RTC)
  • Robust and compact construction
  • ROV connection
  • Sensor choice flexibility
  • Data output for third party software
  • Simple setup
  • Engineered based on proven track record

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+47 52 81 47 60 (24 hour)