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Based on the RTS PPS Distribution Panel, the RTS PPS Box is a highly compact and robust solution for distributing GPS timing signals to survey spreads. The unit features low latency distribution of one timing telegram together with PPS pulse to seven separate outputs. The RTS PPS Box is typically used for time synchronization of […]

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RTS PPS Distribution Panel

The RTS PPS distribution panel is the key solution for distributing GPS timing signals to survey spreads. It can be used to distribute one or two separate timing telegrams together with PPS pulse. The system consist of two RS232 splitters combined with three PPS pulse splitters. Selectable PPS pulse width, 500us, 1ms or directly from the GPS. Selectable […]

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RTS RS232 Panel

Multichannel distribution panel for RS232 data communication. Commonly used in the maritime, survey and ROV industry. Simplifies and makes a well-arranged interconnection between RS232 sensors and multiple computers. The panel allows up to eight different sensors to be interfaced up to four different computers, each. Data traffic indicators and magnetic isolation on each input channel. Solves problems with differences […]

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RTS RS232 Splitter

RS232 splitter for distribution of sensor signal to multiple computers. Simplifies setups and make a well arranged interconnection between computers and sensors. No more unpredictable RS232 signals caused by serial ports connected in parallel. A special duplex output connector, CH1/CH2, makes it easy to do sensor configurations without any bypasses or disconnections.

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