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Schilling T4

The Schilling T4 manipulator is widely regarded as the industry’s premier system that offers the optimum combination of dexterity and strength required to perform fine movements and more complex tasks. Hundreds of TITAN manipulators are in use worldwide every day, and are the predominant manipulator of choice for work-class ROV systems. Constructed mostly from titanium, the T4 is uniquely […]

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Valve packs

Our Valve Packs were designed on the back of our growing demand for quality, reliable products for upgrading our ROV systems. These compact lightweight products can be tailored to the individual needs of any application. The units can be built with on / off solenoid valves, proportional or mixture of valve configurations to suit the […]

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Schilling ATLAS 7R

This manipulator has been designed to lift heavy loads, while being lightweight and easy to control. The Schilling ATLAS arm has six degrees of freedom and a high lift capacity (250kg at full extension). The ATLAS provides operators with the freedom and strength to perform a wider range of heavy duty tasks in harsh subsea […]

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