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2G Robotics ULS 500

The ULS 500 is optimal for long-range scans (1.15m to 10m range). The ULS 500 is highly configurable. Profile mode enables smooth integration with subsea vehicles for accurate, continuous data collection. For scanning target objects from greater distances, the ULS 500 is the ideal system for obtaining accurate results. To find out more information please […]

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2G Robotics ULS 100

The ULS 100 is optimal for short-range scans (0.13m to 1m range). The lightweight, compact design makes the ULS 100 ideal for external scans where the target object can be easily accessed, or for internal scans where space is confined, which limits the size of the scanner that can be deployed.   To find more […]

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2G Robotics ULS 200

The ULS 200 is optimal for mid-range scans (0.21m to 2.5m range).   The ULS 200 maintains the same ease of integration as the ULS 100, but boasts a higher power laser. The higher power laser combined with the increased head length of the ULS 200 allows it to reach target objects from greater distances, […]

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Imenco Underwater Laser

The IMENCO Underwater Green Laser is intended for ROV use only where measurements are needed from video images. The green light ensures good visibility even at long distances due to less absorption of green light in water.   By paralleling two lasers, calibrated at set distance, accurate measurements from video images is possible. The 150 […]

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RTS Green Line Laser

The RTS Green Line Laser produces a straight green line with uniform intensity over a long range, made possible by its wavelength enabling maximum water penetration. Aligned laser setup provides excellent accuracy for close range inspection and measurements. The RTS Green Line Laser is designed to ensure exceptional stability under varying and challenging operation conditions.      

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