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RTS IRIS 4K Subsea Camera

The RTS IRIS is a cutting edge 4K HD subsea camera rated to 6000 meter water depth. It provides the user with exceptional quality video or images in up to 4K resolution. In addition to superior optics, IRIS is delivered in a robust titanium housing and can be utilized on a wide range of subsea […]

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Hydro-Lek HLK-4600 Pan & Tilt

The HLK-4600 Camera Boom Arm has been designed for pipeline inspection work. Using a pair of these arms, pipelines of up to 36” can be easily inspected. Its unique design allows the camera mount to stay at the same angle through the entire 120° of angular movement of the arm, without any adjustment. The camera mount can be tilted […]

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Imenco Hammerhead Shark Colour Zoom Camera

The Hammerhead wide angel colour zoom camera is used as main camera on work class ROVs. Praised by major operated wold wide of being a reliable and professional wide angle zoom camera. The Hammerhead Shark has 60⁰ wide angle lens and 18x optical zoom. Giving high quality video images and good control options by using […]

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Imenco Whitetip Shark Colour Zoom Camera

Ideal for any ROV work and often used as a tool camera for close up inspections where illumination is required this colour camera is rated up to 4000msw has 10x optical zoom, 15 dimmable LED lights and RS232 control. Available in Duplex Stainless Steel.

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Seatronics SeaVISION II

The equipment provides a reliable, secure one-way digital link for video, audio and data over a range up to 38* kilometres. The type of modulation used (COFDM) and the use of diversity reception make the link very resistant to multipath problems, giving excellent performance in mobile applications and normally difficult locations

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Teledyne Bowtech Surveyor-HD PRO Ultra-wide Angle Camera

The Bowtech Products SURVEYOR-HD PRO ultra-wide angle underwater HDTV camera is designed to provide the viewer a greater angle of view, from the standard Surveyor HD, whilst remaining compact and very competitively priced. The camera is ideal for ROV inspection tasks, scientific observation and broadcast applications. Video output is available as HD or HD-SDI over […]

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