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Forssea NAV CAM

NAV CAM is an all-in-one ROV / AUV visual based navigation and control centre. NAV CAM features an embedded GPU, integrated pressure sensor and Inertial Navigation System and the V-LOC software is supplied as standard. Image treatments are processed in real-time using the dedicated software to achieve highly accurate positioning. NAV CAM is fully comptabile […]

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RTS IRIS 4K Subsea Camera

The RTS IRIS is a cutting edge 4K HD subsea camera rated to 6000 meter water depth. It provides the user with exceptional quality video or images in up to 4K resolution. In addition to superior optics, IRIS is delivered in a robust titanium housing and can be utilized on a wide range of subsea […]

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Claxton Ultra Low Light Subsea Camera

A state-of-the-art camera module provides visual clarity in nearly pitch-black conditions.   The Claxton Ultra Low Light camera works effectively in conditions where lighting is poor or the sea is murky. Using a light source in water with a large amount of particulate material normally results in ‘bloom’ as the particles reflect the light – […]

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Imenco Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark camera is based on the SDS1210 stills camera with it’s proven track record for high quality subsea images. Quality and user friendliness is taken to a new level with this subsea digital stills camera. The Tiger Shark camera is perfect for ROV usage or as a high resolution stand-alone camera for research […]

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Tritech Super SeaSpy

The Tritech Super SeaSpy underwater video camera is a compact, high resolution, full colour camera with integral low voltage lighting. Built to survive the harsh underwater inspection environment, the Super SeaSpy has been designed to be compact and rugged whilst providing high quality colour video. The Super SeaSpy incorporates a ring of white LEDs which […]

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