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Tritech Super SeaSpy

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The Tritech Super SeaSpy underwater video camera is a compact, high resolution, full colour camera with integral low voltage lighting. Built to survive the harsh underwater inspection environment, the Super SeaSpy has been designed to be compact and rugged whilst providing high quality colour video.

The Super SeaSpy incorporates a ring of white LEDs which provide uniform illumination over the field of view. The LED Engine utilises Dynamic Light Control (DLC) which automatically adjusts the lighting level to optimise video image quality, regardless of the reflectivity of work surface. This feature also helps enhance picture quality by reducing the amount of backscatter from suspended particles in the water column. The Super SeaSpy is fitted with a water corrected lens system which optimises the picture quality by reducing radial distortion and reducing chromatic aberration.



  • Robust 4,000m depth rated construction
  • Dynamic or manual illumination control
  • Evenly distributed beam from the LED white light engine
  • Optimised optics: water corrected
  • Amplified video for use with a long umbilical

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