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Claxton Ultra Low Light Subsea Camera

Availability: Rental

A state-of-the-art camera module provides visual clarity in nearly pitch-black conditions.


The Claxton Ultra Low Light camera works effectively in conditions where lighting is poor or the sea is murky. Using a light source in water with a large amount of particulate material normally results in ‘bloom’ as the particles reflect the light – reducing visual performance.


Our system negates this issue by eliminating the need for high powered lighting.



  • Ideal for low-clarity waters
  • Standard file formats for easy transfer
  • Reliable performance for applications where silt is stirred up on the seabed


  • Effective in light down to just 0.0003 lux
  • Camera module rated to 3,000m
  • Robust, easy operation control unit
  • Fully field-proven components

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