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Dynaset HPW 220

The Dynaset HPW high pressure water pump transforms the hydraulic power of a work machine effectively into high pressure water power. Small size, light weight and durable construction make the HPW pump very cost effective. The HPW pump is an excellent tool in daily ROV tooling cleaning work and other works, where reliable high pressure […]

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Low Pressure Jetting System

The Low-Pressure Water Jetting System is a cost effective, reliable solution based around a Hypro water pump. It has a maximum flow of 435 LPM. It can also be used to control the flow of soft fluid reservoirs.

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Rotary Cleaning Brush

The Rotary Brush Cleaning Tool is an ROV operated motorised brush designed to clean out 12 ½ inch subsea wellheads. The rotary brush is driven by a hydraulic motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 400 rpm. The motor is also bi-directional can rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. A case drain port on the hydraulic […]

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Lateral FlexiClean

FlexiClean is a highly efficient patent-applied-for ROV-deployed cleaning tool that quickly removes marine growth and debris on underwater structures and equipment. It rapidly and gently removes soft marine growth, mussels, barnacles and coral while leaving sensitive surfaces such as paint, plastic sheathing or even duct tape unharmed.

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Tritech Merlin

The new 35 – 60 h.p. Merlin excavation pump is the must have successor to the Excalibur. Merlin incorporates many of the improved design features introduced on the small Super ZipJet pump which has proven to be so successful. The pump is smaller, lighter and more robust with greater performance in both excavation and jetting functions. It features the same […]

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Tritech Super ZipJet

The Super ZipJet incorporates many technical advances over the previous generation of ROV suction and jetting systems. Considerable emphasis has been placed on increasing efficiency in both the suction and jetting modes. The Super ZipJet incorporates several design features, which improve its reliability and substantially reduce its maintenance costs. Also, it will not block or jam because there are no […]

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