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Teledyne TSS 350

With modern subsea cable systems becoming increasingly sophisticated and their deployment, recovery and repair a more exacting science, there is a need for accurate subsea cable location. The TSS 350 cable survey system has been developed to meet this requirement in a compact modular system that provides enhanced features whilst remaining easy to use. The […]

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Teledyne TSS 440

Based on the industry standard TSS 340, the TSS 440 utilises pulse induction technology and advanced digital signal processing to accurately determine ranges to buried pipelines or cables. The system is capable of detecting any conductive material and advances in signal processing techniques enable the TSS 440 to detect at greater ranges than any other […]

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Teledyne TSS 440 Dual Track

There are thousands of miles of pipes and cables beneath our oceans. Commercial, legal and operational considerations demand that these remain in good order. This requirement creates a constant need to verify location, condition and burial status – operations that are complicated by the ever-changing seabed topography. There is a need for a system that […]

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