The RTS MetSTAB Metrology Stab has been designed based on years of experience with different mechanical subsea interfacing solutions. The unit features unrivaled mating precision and repeatability to ensure objects or subsea equipment is placed correctly in all axes. Read more...


RTS introduces the LEVEL, an ROV/Diver-operated one-axis inclinometer for angle measurements. The unit features 60+ hours of operation per battery cycle, 1500m depth rating and external sensor input. Read more…

DOF Subsea increases their fleet of RTS Gen5 MUX'

DOF Subsea Australia requires additional RTS MUXES to upgrade the DSV Skandi Singapore. Read more...

RTS TEXT Subsea Display

The new RTS Subsea Display features leading edge functionality and sought after improvements for displaying information subsea. The RTS Engineering team introduces a unit that will provide unparalleled visibility, flexibility and up to one-tenth of the power consumption of existing product solutions.

2G Robotics ULS 500

RTS & Seatronics can now offer subsea laser scanners developed by 2G Robotics. These systems can capture detailed 3D models delivering 100x higher resolution than sonars and provide the accuracy and precision needed for making informed decisions.


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The fourth annual Subsea Innovation Day (SiD) was recently organized at RTS’ premises in Åkrehamn... Read More

DOF Subsea Australia requires additional RTS MUXES to upgrade the DSV Skandi Singapore in-built XLX.. Read More

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