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ROVINS is a combined survey-grade full featured Inertial Navigation System (INS) for water depths up to 3,000m. Designed specifically for offshore survey and construction works, ROVINS improves the efficiency of all operations where accurate position, heading and attitude are key benefits.


  • All-in-one 3D positioning with heading, roll, pitch and heave
  • Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG), unique strap-down technology
  • Multiple aiding options (DVL, USBL, LBL, RAMSES, GPS, depth sensor)
  • DVL Ready option available
  • RAMSES Synthetic Baseline Positioning System option available
  • OCTANS footprint compatible
  • Accurate georeferenced position and attitude for all subsea vehicles at high frequency
  • No spinning element hence maintenance free
  • Flexible and scalable configuration for all deployment scenarios
  • Immediate availability and performance for all vehicles
  • Ultimate sub-metric performance using sparse array transponders and on-the-fly calibration
  • Immediately compatible

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