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Based on the technology of the Gen 5 MUX, RTS now introduces the Gen 5 OCTO Multiplexer. The OCTO features a significant reduction in size and weight while still supplying five channels of high speed serial communication and three channels of 10/100 Mb ethernet through a single-mode fiber. The rugged yet compact 2000 MSW rated titanium housing provides a safe and robust hub for transfer of subsea data, ideal for both work class and smaller ROVs or projects requiring extended communications capabilities. System diagnostics, optional fibre adaptors and channel modifications adds to the flexibility of the system.

Other Use Cases


    • Compact size
    • Low weight
    • Titanium housing
    • Tailored for interfacing with R2Sonic Mulibeam systems
    • No latency
    • Ethernet 10/100Mb
    • Dedicated INS Channel
    • Composite Video (Optional)

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