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The SD204 measures, calculates and records sea water conductivity, salinity, temperature, depth (pressure), sound velocity and water density. Three optional sensors can be added, f. example: dissolved oxygen, fluorescence and turbidity. For optional sensors with several sensitivity ranges, the SD204 has auto range capability. Data are recorded in physical units. The accompanying software, SD200W, contains versatile functions for programming, post- and online data processing and presentations: – multigraph, online plotting, density and depth calculations (weighed profile). The program is continuously extended according to customer’s requests. The programmed settings and calibration coefficients are maintained in nonvolatile eeprom, and will not be changed/lost if power is disconnected. Robustness and complete protection from leakage is obtained by vacuum molding the electronic and all other components in solid polyurethane. On/Off-switching is by a magnetic key or from keyboard. A sealed battery compartment contains two replaceable C-cells. In practical operation the battery capacity is sufficient for continuous year-around operation with good margin.

The instrument is equipped with a mooring bar with a shackle at each end. Data are recorded in physical units and simultaneously transmitted via an RS232 I/O watertight connector for on-line use.


  • Compact & robust design
  • Long term stability sensors
  • High memory capacity
  • Sonar equipment compatibility
  • Year-long battery capacity
  • Depth to: 6000 meters
  • Windows based software
  • Output in physical units
  • On-line plotting
  • Auto range for turbidity & fluorescence

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