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Digital EdgeDVR Laptop

Availability: Rental, Sale

Addressing the need for portability or limited space, Digital Edge Subsea now introduces the EdgeDVR laptop. With a total storage capacity of 6TB, the 17” laptop has the same capabilities as the rack mounted system and 4 channel HD recording capability.

The system can be configured with 2 x USB capture devices (for smaller surveys) or a high-speed Thunderbolt enclosure which contains the capture hardware offering more input possibilities (for larger surveys).

Survey data is stored on 3 x 2TB internal solid state hard drives for increased speed and reliability. The Windows 10 Pro operating system is stored on a separate internal 256GB solid state hard drive.

It is also available in the 3 version of software: Lite, Edge and Pro to accomodate your needs.

Other Use Cases


    • 4 Channel Recording
    • Online Video Clips & Photos
    • 3 Hardware Models – SD,HD & 4K
    • Automatic Dive, Photo, Video & Anomaly Logs
    • User Configurable Eventing
    • 4 Serial Inputs
    • 4 Channel Digital Overlay
    • Multibeam Sonar Recording and Control
    • Offline Editor – Offline Video clips and Photos
    • Offline Eventing
    • Import/Export Workpack
    • Task Based Inspection Workpack
    • Report Generation
    • Built-in Blackbox Recording
    • Network Video Streaming
    • Network Viewer
    • Client Viewer

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