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Upright Flying Lead Orientation Tool

Availability: Rental

The Forum Subsea FLOT tool is designed to operate in conjunction with a torque tool and is used to orientate and guide flying leads into the stab plate connections.

The FLOT tool is designed to take the FORUM Class 1-4 torque tool but can easily accommodate similar tools from other manufacturers.

A rotary actuator allows a pitch alignment of plus 60 or minus 90 degrees with a load of up to 250kg attached. The tool is also equipped with a roll alignment function giving a

rotation of plus or minus 15 degrees.

The FLOT tool is compact and the tool mounting base is supplied with a selection of mounting holes for mounting within the forward structure of the ROV.

The pitch and roll actuators are controlled from the ROV’s spare directional control valves.



  • +/- 15 deg roll angle
  • plus 60 minus 90 deg pitch
  • Counterbalance Valve on both actuators.
  • 250kg Payload
  • Supplied in Transit Case


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