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Tritech Gemini 720is

Availability: Rental

The 720is is the latest generation from Tritech’s renowned multibeam sonar range and offers a real-time, high frequency imaging solution. The Gemini 720is operates at 720kHz and this combined with Tritech’s state-of-the-art processing electronics, produces images of superb clarity. This latest design is ideal for pan and tilt mounting on observation class work and survey ROVs. With a 120° field of view and a fast update rate of 30Hz, the Gemini 720is is ideal for poor visibility environments.

The Gemini 720is is supplied with Seanet Pro, Tritech’s data acquisition and logging software, which offers users the ability to network and operate the sonar along with a range of other Tritech sensors from a single software interface. The Gemini standalone software also provides users with additional control over the Gemini 720is and can be upgraded to Gemini SeaTec to provide a variety of target classification and tracking capabilities. The capability to record data in a range of digital video formats and output screen shots for review comes as standard.


  • 720kHz operating frequency
  • Wide 120° field of view
  • Real-time updates for video like imagery
  • Integrated velocimeter for accurate ranging
  • Ethernet or VDSL communications
  • Software Development Kit available
  • SeeByte target tracking capability

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