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Teledyne Blueview P900 Series Sonar

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The P900 Series sonar family now offers 3 field-of-view options for high-performance forward looking imaging sonar: 45°, 90°, and 130°. At 900 kHz the P900 Series is the ideal sonar for underwater detection and identification operations. Specifically designed to increase the search rates and effectiveness in low and/or zero visibility conditions with both mid-range detection and close-range identification capabilities from moving or stationary platforms.


  • All Condition Navigation
  • UUV OAS and Tracking
  • Diver Detection and Tracking
  • Hull & Structure Inspection
  • Material & Equipment Placement
  • Mine & IED Detection/Identification
  • Search & Detection (Small Area)
  • Seawall & Pier Inspection
  • Damage Survey


  • High-Definition Imagery
  • Not Affected by Motion (0-7 knots)
  • Compact/Low Power
  • Designed for Integration


  • Standard Ethernet Interface
  • Plug and Play Sonar Heads
  • Easy to Use Windows Software
  • Software Development Kit

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