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Nortek Aquadopp Current Meter

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The most versatile 3D ocean current meter available.

Aquadopp 3D current meterThe Aquadopp is probably the most versatile single-point current meter on the market. It is cost-effective, robust and has a wide range of applications. The system electronics integrates accurate Doppler velocity measurements with standard sensors such as temperature, pressure, tilt, and compass. It is low maintenance, has no moving parts, requires no recalibration, and has no zero-point drift over time. The instrument can be used in real-time applications but also comes standard with an internal recorder, batteries and a highly sophisticated power management that makes it the system of choice for self-contained deployments.

The Aquadopp includes a complete suite of Windows® software for real-time data collection and for planning and control of a self-contained deployment. It is also designed to be integrated with third party controllers using the RS232/RS422 interface (binary or ASCII), analog outputs, or from a Windows® computer using ActiveX controls.

Diagnostic Mode
In addition to the regular data collection, the Aquadopp can be set to collect data at 1Hz for a specified duration and at user specified intervals. This diagnostic mode is a unique feature for the Aquadopp. This mode was originally introduced to learn more about mooring motion, but it quickly proved popular also for wave data Collection.



  • No calibration necessary; no zero-point drift over time
  • Low power consumption for long deployments
  • All plastic and titanium parts eliminate corrosion
  • No moving parts that can be blocked or damaged
  • Effective directional wave gauge
  • Remote sampling volume away from the mounting structure
  • Small and light weight (less than 3kg)

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