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RTS PLUS Rechargeable Power Bank

Posted: June 8, 2021

RTS electronics development department is working on a rechargeable subsea power bank, RTS +. This power bank uses improved NiMH technology. As the power bank is not using lithium batteries, the restrictions on transportation on safety grounds are eliminated. This allows this product the great potential to be used in already existing applications and infrastructures in the ocean environment, in addition to new areas where subsea battery power banks will be required.

The main characteristics of the RTS+ rechargeable power bank can be seen below:

  • No transport restrictions (allowed on planes and helicopters)
  • New improved NiMH battery technology
  • Battery Capacity: 828Wh
  • 27.6 output voltage nominal with options for regulated 12V and 24V
  • Easy charging using power supply provided
  • On-board Battery Management System(BMS)