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Webtool™ RCO40LP

Availability: Rental

The   Webtool  38mm  cutter   is   a   hydraulically operated, double acting wire cutter.

The RCO40LP can cut wire rope with a minimum 25mm  diameter,  maximum  tensile  strength  of 1960N/mm up to a maximum 38.1mm diameter with a maximum tensile strength of 1960N/mm.

It can also be used to cut cables of similar material, such as electrical power or communication cables.

The tool can be easily operated by an ROV, with the compliant handle fitted, due to open sided design enables the tool to be easily positioned on the cable to be cut.

The long life of the blade and anvil reduces downtime for maintenance and cost of repairs. The reasonably small size of the 38mm cutter also makes it perfect for use in confined spaces.


Other Use Cases


  • Industry recognised cutter.
  • Build in Intensifier.
  • Easy to deploy.
  • Easy blade change out.

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