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Tritech Gemini NBI Sonar

Availability: Rental

The Gemini NBI produces an acoustic image, cutting through the water with a narrow acoustic beam and at the high refresh rate offered from the Gemini range of multibeam sonars. Based on the proven design of the Gemini 720i, the Gemini NBI uses a 1° vertical beam instead of the 20° vertical beam found previously. The Gemini NBI’s reduced beam width allows the user to more precisely identify the position of the acoustic targets than is possible with a wide beam imaging sonar.

Other Use Cases


    • High speed updates
    • 4000m titanium housing
    • Solid-state design reliability
    • Easy to use software package
    • Ethernet or VDSL communication
    • 130° swath
    • 1° vertical beam
    • 0.5° effective angular resolution

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