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Tool Tech IPHU Skid

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Tool Tec’s Isolated Hydraulic Power Unit (IHPU) Skid is ideal for many applications and can be fitted directly to most WROVs utilising the 4-point mounting arrangement.

The skids integrated Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) generates hydraulic power to operate ROV subsea tooling utilising an internal oil reservoir which is independent of the ROVs main hydraulic system. The system provides the choice of a “High Flow” output of 100LPM or a “Low Flow” output of 30LPM which runs an integrated valve pack, providing 6 individual functions (2x proportional and 4x bi-directional).

The Skid’s HPU is powered by the main pump on the host ROV, and its operation is controlled via pilot signals from the ROV. The onboard reservoirs within the skid contain oil, which is independent of the host ROVs main system, ensuring that any unintentional oil contamination does not affect the host ROV.

Other Use Cases


    • Compressive & tensile load tested aluminium framework.

    • Configurable core / ROV interface to allow integration to most WROVs (Schilling HD shown).

    • Wide, hydraulically actuated tool basket.

    • Standard depth rating of 3,000 msw buoyancy.

    • Integrated 6 Station intelligent valve pack.

    • 2x 16L Kyst compensators.

    • Pump Low Output 30LPM (Input 45LPM).


    • Pump High Output 100LPM (Input 145LPM). 
    • ISO VG 22/32 hydraulic mineral oil. 
    • Approx. weight in air ~700 kg 
    • Approx. weight in water ~100 kg

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