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Teledyne Reson SeaBat 7101

Availability: Rental

The SeaBat 7101 is more than a cost-effective upgrade to your SeaBat 8101. It’s a hi-res multibeam sonar system that takes the latest advances in signal processing and data handling and delivers results you can trust.

With its 40Hz-ping rate, high density of equidistant soundings and real-time roll stabilisation in shallow water, the 7101 is so accurate your surveys will beat international standards every time – even sailing at high speed. And you can be confident of reliable seafloor detection in all acoustic environments.


  • SWATH – 150° swath coverage providing up to 7.5 x water depth swath coverage. Optional 210° swath.
  • FREQUENCY – 240kHz operating frequency provides seamless coverage from 0.5m to 500m max depth (Using ER)
  • HIGH SPEED – High ping rate allows high speed operations without comprising data density
  • IHO – Compliant with IHO SP44 Ed 5 over entire depth range
  • DATA – Bathmetry, sidescan, snippets & water column data available over gigabit ethernet
  • ROLL STABILISATION – Realtime roll stabilisation maximizes usable swath width
  • WATER COLUMN – Up to 511 beams in selectable modes optimises operations for any survey type

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