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Teledyne Bowtech SURVEYOR-SD Colour Zoom Camera

Availability: Rental

The Bowtech Products SURVEYOR-SD underwater colour zoom camera has the optional benefit of hand-held remote control. It utilises Sony’s ExView HADTM CCD technology, delivering exceptional picture quality, with a 36:1 optical zoom lens and a 12x digital zoom, as well as a horizontal resolution of 550 TV lines, all within a 4,000 metre rated high quality titanium housing, with an 99.7% optically clear sapphire window.

One of the many unique features of this camera is the advanced back light compensation technology, which dramatically improves the camera’s dynamic range, resulting in clear image reproduction in extreme high-contrast environments, known as wide dynamic. The camera captures the same image twice, first with a normal shutter speed, which captures the dark areas and then with a higher shutter speed, which captures the bright areas. These are then combined into one image, using an advanced DSP LSI, thus clearly reproducing high-contrast images of the original scene.

  • Remote Control Option
  • Selection and Fine Tuning of Long-Line Amplifier
  • Selectable Analogue or Digital
  • Digital Control can be RS232, RS485 or USB
    (all use the same two data lines)
  • Selectable Termination Resistor for RS485 Multi-Drop Control
  • Selectable Light Source (LED or halogen)
  • Manually Set and Save Default Power Up Settings
  • Default Reset
  • Bi-directional Communication to Permit Camera State Indicator Confirmation



  • Reduced Size
  • 36:1 Optical Zoom
  • Remote Control Option
  • 550 TVL
  • 77.4° Diagonal Angle of View
  • 4,000 or 6,000 Metre Rated Titanium Housing

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