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Teledyne Bowtech LCC-700-610 Monochrome Camera

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The Bowtech Products LCC-700-610 miniature high resolution monochrome underwater CCD camera is designed for use with our LED-540 lamp and fluorescent tracer dye, as part of our Leak Detection System. It is fitted with a 610nm filter to enable detection of the fluorescing dye.

The cameras are manufactured with a high quality Titanium housing, rated to 4,000 metres operating depth as standard, with a 6,000 metre option.

The camera is fitted with a fixed focus, wide angle lens, giving a diagonal field view of 65° in water, through a sapphire glass window. The camera features built-in reverse polarity and surge protection.

The miniature, high quality 1/3” CCD sensor offers high resolution and low light level sensitivity. It is the ideal camera for low light underwater viewing tasks.




  • High Resolution Monochrome 700 TVL
  • Fitted with 610nm Filter to Enable Detection of Fluorescing Tracer Dyes
  • Low Light Sensitivity 0.01 Lux
  • 65° Diagonal Angle of View
  • 4,000 or 6,000 Metre Rated Titanium Housing

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