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Teledyne Blueview P900-2250 Dual Frequency

Availability: Rental

The P900-2250-45 (Dual Frequency) sonar system combines the power of BlueView’s medium range P900 navigation and inspection sonar with the identification capabilities of a higher frequency 2.25 MHz sonar head.

The P900-2250-45 provides both the medium and ultra-short range imaging required to perform complex tasks in zero visibility conditions. The P900-2250-45 is completely compatible with other BlueView ProViewer sonar making integration seamless for existing customers.


  • All Condition Navigation
  • Operations monitoring
  • Diver work zone visualization
  • Underwater equipment/tool placement
  • Target detection and identification


  • Dual operating frequency for maximum flexibility
  • Operates in low and zero visibility conditions
  • Easy to see high-resolution imagery
  • Not affected by motion (up to 7 knots)
  • Compact size for easy integration
  • Efficient operation with low power requirement

Other Use Cases


    • Operates at 900 kHz, or 2.25 MHz, or both simultaneously
    • Easy to use Windows based software
    • Standard Ethernet Interface
    • Software Development Kit available

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