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Teledyne Blueview BV5000 3D Mechanical Scanning Sonar

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BlueView’s BV5000-1350 and BV5000-2250 3D mechanical scanning sonar create high resolution imagery of underwater areas, structures, and objects. With the touch of a button, these new 3D mechanical scanning sonar create 3D point clouds of an underwater scene with minimal training required. The compact, lightweight units are easily deployed on a tripod or an ROV. The scanning sonar head and integrated mechanical pan and tilt mechanism generate both sector scans and spherical scan data. For the first time, get 3D laser-like scanning capabilities underwater, even in low and zero visibility conditions and seamless integration with traditional laser scan imagery.


  • 3D site survey
  • 3D structure inspection
  • Oil rig decommissioning
  • Bridge inspections
  • BlueView metrology


  • Easy, one touch scan function
  • 3D mosaic imaging without position info
  • Easily combined with laser scan imagery
  • Compact size fits into tight spaces
  • Operates in low & zero visibility conditions


  • 2 model options (1.35 & 2.25 MHz)
  • Standard Ethernet/RS485 interface
  • Easy Windows based software
  • Leica Cyclone data compatible
  • Sector & spherical scans

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