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Teledyne Blueview BV4100 Light Weight Tripod

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The BV4100 is a light weight tripod and a pan and tilt combination used for a 2D forward looking sonar in fixed position real time monitoring. The BV4100 is easily one person deployable from surface vessels, piers or docks. The simplicity and portability of the BV4100 makes the ideal tool for quick inspections and searches in dynamic work environments.


  • Equipment placement monitoring
  • Diver monitoring
  • Site Clearance surveys
  • Structure inspections
  • Fixed position monitoring


  • Highly portable and easily deployed by one person
  • Increase diver navigation efficiency in any visibility
  • Accurately place equipment in any visibility



  • Integrated P&T
  • Optional GPS and Heading input for accurate geo-positioning
  • Intuitive sonar and P&T controls
  • Collapsible tripod for easy storage and transport

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