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Subnero M25M Standalone (SC) Modem

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Subnero’s silver edition standalone underwater smart modem is the workhorse communication node to be used in the general commercial deployments. This modem also provides options for customization and extension at many levels, allowing network protocols as well as physical layer algorithms to be implemented and tested easily.

The standalone configuration (SC) is designed with a pressure housing to support different deployment depths and to function on an external power source, which could be a battery for underwater deployments or a power supply when deployed from the water surface. This configuration is optimized for maximum flexibility and reliability in a wide range of deployment scenarios, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted data transmission even in challenging environments.

Other Use Cases


    • Up to 15 kbps data rate*.
    • Up to 5 km communication range (horizontal & vertical) in tropical waters.
    • Ranging functionality with 0.1 m precision.
    • Doppler resilience of ±4 knots or better.
    • Support for coherent and incoherent communication schemes.
    • Support for arbitrary signal transmission as well as recording (passband, baseband).
    • Support for user defined communication schemes using UnetStack.
    • Support for multiple receiving channels for a variety of applications.

    * Depending on channel conditions and reliability requirements.

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