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Specialist Offshore Gas Sampling Unit

Availability: Rental

The Specialist Offshore Services gas sampling unit combines several safety features to allow users to operate with unknown gases. The sample bottle is rated to 5000 PSI, which allows users to bring samples back from depths as great as 3000MSW. All outlets from the bottle have 2 barriers to protect users.

The hydraulically operated valve ensures that at least one valve cannot be accidentally left slightly open by error or accident. The manual valve is operated by the ROV 7 function manipulator and forms the last barrier on the collection side to protect users. The sample point allows for easy gas extraction and testing without having to use the ROV operated valves.



Other Use Cases


    • Sample Bottle NACE and DOT compliant
    • All valves NACE compliant
    • 1 hydraulically closed valve, 1 Manually closed ROV valve as standard. Options available on request, such as dual hydraulic valves, or dual ROV manual valves
    • 2 barriers of protection from sample bottle, sample side and collection side.
    • Separate sample point for easy extraction
    • 5 Function and 7 Function manipulator handles
    • Standard size 500ml,however custom versions available on request.
    • Weight 14kg in air, 12kg in seawater
    • Height 970mm x Width x 500mm x Depth 300mm

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