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Sonardyne Nano Transponder

Availability: Rental

Nano is Sonardynes smallest ever USBL transponder, designed to let you know where your divers, man-portable AUVs, towed platforms, underwater drones and ROVs are throughout their mission.

Nano’s built using the same signal technology platform you’ll find in our award-winning 6G product line – Wideband 2. So you can expect reliable acoustic communications in all operating environments, accurate position fixes and a continuous stream of location updates. For vehicle programs and integrators, the Nano OEM when paired with an OEM transducer provides all the functionality of the housed transponders, in a form factor that can be mounted in any system.

Other Use Cases


    • Miniature size for fitting on divers and small ROVs
    • Variety of form factors
    • Depth rated to 500 m
    • Powerful acoustic transmission level
    • Medium Frequency operation
    • Compatible with Sonardyne Ranger 2 USBL systems
    • Configuration using the Nano Docking Station wireless communications
    • Battery disconnect storage mode
    • Integrated pressure sensor for depth aiding
    • >300 independent acoustic addresses
    • Wide dc voltage input range
    • Gainless for ease of use
    • Common form factor with AvTrak 6 Nano so common transponders can be used across a fleet

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