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Sonardyne Lodestar GyroUSBL

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Lodestar GyroUSBL combines a Sonardyne 6th (6G®) generation high performance HPT USBL transceiver and a Lodestar Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) / Inertial Navigation System (INS) in the same mechanical assembly.


The instrument comes in three mechanical variants; two standard GyroUSBLs that differ by the use of the HPT component (GyroUSBL 8084-000-0445 and 8084-000-0447) and one inverted version (GyroiUSBL 8084-000-7535).


With the AHRS / INS in fixed mechanical alignment to the USBL’s acoustic array, the Lodestar GyroUSBL can be quickly deployed without need for a USBL calibration to determine the alignment of the ship’s motion sensors to the acoustic transceiver. For certain applications, this can enable significant savings in vessel time and operational costs.


The HPT transceiver component of the instrument utilises the latest Sonardyne Wideband®2 signal processing and is fully compatible with other products in the new Sonardyne 6G® equipment range.


Lodestar is tightly integrated into the USBL system providing power and communications to the HPT transceiver and embedded highly accurate time-stamping of all motion and acoustic data. This enables unparalleled precision and accuracy of position estimation by removing many of the sources of error associated with all USBLs such as lever arm offsets, pole bending, and ship flexing. In addition, because many of the system parameters are now fixed, no USBL calibration is required during installation so the system is easier to install and set-up. Precision of better than 0.3% of slant range is achievable out of the box, or a one-off calibration can push this figure to less than 0.1% of slant range, depending on array type.


Manufactured in Aluminium-Bronze the Lodestar GyroUSBL is ideally suited for short term temporary installations on vessels of opportunity using through-hull or over-the-side poles. It is also ideal for permanent installation on flexible stem tubes.

In case of operational damage to the USBL transducer array, all electronics are robustly protected behind a double-sealed, pressure-resistant bulkhead. This ensures that if the transducer face is breached, the Lodestar and acoustic transceiver do not flood. – See more at:

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