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Sonardyne Data Fusion Engine

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The Data Fusion Engine is the heart of the system and is an integrated PC and navigation controller used to interface peripheral equipment such as GPS and attitude sensors, in addition to providing dedicated interface and power to transceivers. This ‘one-box’ solution is designed to meet a complete onboard hardware requirement for any acoustic operation, thereby eliminating the need to install and set-up separate systems to provide for any acoustic positioning operation.

Fusion USBL Software Fusion USBL software is a Windows based package that is responsible for collecting, processing, displaying and recording acoustic and associated data.

Fusion USBL software offers flexibility and ease of operation to a whole host of offshore positioning scenarios.

Based on core acoustic principles and software modules Fusion USBL builds to provide a user interface that will guide the operator through set-up, calibration and into tracking.

All data is available both graphically and alpha numerically and is stored for later analysis and replay if required. Many tools are provided to assist in the optimisation of the system to operate in difficult environments.

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