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Sonardyne Compatt 6+

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Compatt 6+, is Sonardyne’s latest generation of intelligent transponder represents a big ‘plus’ for your LBL, INS and USBL operations. Built using the same reliable mechanics as Compatt 6 on the outside, powered by both Wideband 2 and Wideband 3 signal processing on the inside. Compatt 6+ is used for high precision survey and construction operations in all water depths, including: spoolpiece metrology, pipeline touchdown monitoring, structure installation and dynamic positioning reference.

Compatt 6+ offers significant time saving with fast update rates (up to 1 Hz LBL tracking), all made possible using the Wideband 3 acoustic telemetry protocols. Support of Wideband 2 ranges maintains backwards compatibility. This makes any system operating with Compatt 6+ significantly easier to operate therefore de-risking operations, reducing vessel time and reducing training requirements for offshore personnel.

Other Use Cases


    • Compatible with all 6G LBL, INS and USBL systems
    • Wideband 3 enabled
    • Versatile, flexible and cost-effective
    • Over 3,600 different configurations available
    • Choice of depth ratings to 7,000 m

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