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Sonardyne Compatt 5 – Standard

Availability: Rental

Compatt 5 is our previous generation LBL transponder which has now been replaced by Compatt 6. Although the Compatt 5 transceiver is no longer available to purchase, Sonardyne still offers full after sales technical support including spares, repairs and servicing for this product.

Faster set up and calibration, greater equipment utilisation and reduced risk. These are just some of the cost saving benefits of the latest range of Compatt 5 Wideband transponders from Sonardyne.

All Medium Frequency Compatt 5s now incorporate Fusion Wideband Technology which uses advanced digital signalling techniques to dramatically improve the performance of acoustic positioning, navigation and telemetry systems.

The faster and more rugged wideband telemetry scheme supported by Compatt 5, enables baseline measurement and calibration data to be acquired faster and more reliably, allowing users to begin work sooner.

The Types 8000 Omni-Directional, 8003 Directional and 8103 Deep Directional Compatt 5 are ‘Standard’ length transponders that are suited to a wide range of subsea applications. The design offers the perfect balance between size, acoustic output and battery life.

Options include 3,000, 5,000 and 7,000 metre depth ratings, lithium or alkaline battery packs, combined high accuracy inclinometers and Digiquartz pressure sensors equipped endcaps and power for external sensors. For the first time, Compatt 5 endcaps also now have the option of a combined sound velocity and acoustic release mechanism.



  • Incorporates Sonardyne’s latest Wideband Technology
  • Omni or Directional transducers
  • MF operating frequency
  • Depth rated to 3,000 metres (options for 5,000 metres and 7,000 metres)
  • Multiple operating modes; tone burst and wideband
  • Hundreds of operating channels allowing truly independent acoustic operations
  • Offers integrated positioning and telemetry
  • Highly reliable release mechanism
  • Faster remote tracking of seabed structures
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Standard Sensors – depth & temperature
  • Optional Sensors – Quartz Pressure Sensor, Inclinometer and Sound Velocity sensors

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