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Sonardyne 8305 Autonomous Monitoring Transponder

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The Type 8305 AMT is a long-endurance Compatt 6 based transponder that is extensively used for subsea survey tasks and is capable of autonomously acquiring acoustic ranges and sensor data without surface control.

The data is time-stamped and logged internally for recovery via the integrated high-speed acoustic telemetry modem. This autonomy allows measurements to be made over a long period of time without requiring a surface vessel or ROV to command the process. This enables new applications that save vessel and survey time so reducing cost and risk.

Precision pressure, temp, sound velocity and dual-axis inclinometer sensors are integrated and are intelligently powered up at the requested time and sampling period, providing an ultra-low power platform for up to three years deployment. Sampling regimes can be re-programmed and recovery of all data can be achieved via the acoustic telemetry link.

The AMT has many of the same acoustic functions as Compatt 6. It operates in the Medium Frequency (MF) band and is fully Sonardyne Wideband®2 compatible.

The AMT is available with a range of omni and directional transducers, depth ratings and pressure housings dependent on deployment duration and application. Additional external sensors can be easily integrated via the power and communications port.



Other Use Cases


    • Incorporates Sonardyne’s 6G® Technology
    • Incorporates Sonardyne’s Wideband®2 signal Technology
    • Metocean platform: subsea acquisition of current profile, temperature, sound velocity and tidal height record
    • AUV survey and metrology reference, acoustic position reference, SV and tidal height correction station
    • PLET and pipeline buckle monitoring
    • Structure settlement monitoring
    • Autonomous operation: acquires acoustic ranges & sensor data without surface command
    • Integrated precision sensors: pressure, temp, sound velocity and inclinometers
    • Options for external sensors: current meters, turbidity etc.
    • Easy to set-up with configuration and sampling period programmable via telemetry link
    • Integrated modem with data rates ranging from 100 to 9000 bits-per-second in multiple frequency bands
    • 5-year deployment battery life possible with Maxi version
    • Alkaline and Lithium battery options
    • Sonardyne Wideband®1 and HPR400 USBL mode compatible
    • Corrosion resistant aluminium-bronze or hard-anodised aluminium housing options
    • Highly reliable release mechanism
    • Real-time diagnostics available on ranges to enable quality
    • Field proven


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