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Sonardyne 7967 LRT Deck Unit

Availability: Rental

LRTs, LATs, Coastal Transponders and TZ/OBC Transponders are commanded using a Type 7967-000-01 transponder deck unit. The system comprises of a deck unit and dunking transducer supplied with 10 metres of cable.

The deck unit is used initially to program the acoustic identity of the transponder, test the transponder and, in the case of the LRT (Lightweight Release Transponder), load the release ‘bit’ prior to deployment. Once deployed, it can be used to measure ranges to the transponder and prior to sending a secure release command, relocate the transponder. The deck unit can also be controlled via RS232 enabling raw range data to be logged to a PC.


  • Supplied in rugged, portable case
  • Provides command and control of LRTs, LATs and TZ/OBC transponders
  • Enables transponders to be tested and programmed with thousands of unique identities prior to deployment
  • Highly secure coding sequence prior to commanding LRTs to ‘release’
  • Powered by alkaline battery packs; supplied with 2 spare packs
  • Can be connected to a PC to enable raw ranges to be collected
  • Easy to operate


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