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Sofar Ocean Spotter

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A smart bouy with 24/7 satellite and cellular connectivity which provides acces to real-time weather data from anywhere in the ocean. This turnkey marine sensing device gathers wave, vind, sea surface temperature, and barometric pressure data, and delivers insights via Sofar’s Spotter Dashboard and API. Cellular-enabled over-the-air firmware updates mean your Spotter is always getting new features and new capabilities. Roughly the size of a basketball, Spotter can be shipped anywhere around the world, carried by hand, and deployed from any size vessel. Every Spotter comes with 1 year of Iridium satellite data credits included, so it is immediately ready to deploy.

The spotter is adaptable and can be connected to underwater sensors through Smart Mooring, which is an underwater extension to the Spotter platform in order to deliver real-time water level and tides, and water temperature. It anchors Spotter to the seafloor and expands its sensing capabilities beneath the surface.


  • Real-time weather data from anywhere in the ocean
  • 10x lower costs vs. traditional platforms
  • 2-way real-time communication via Iridium and Cellular. Easy and immediate access to API + Dashboard
  • Sustainable power from the sun
  • Over 10 million ocean hours, airdrop resistant
  • Over 500 Spotters deployed by untrained personnel

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