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SMD Artemis System (Passive)

Availability: Rental

Artemis is the cable and pipeline tracking solution that everyone has been crying out for. Representing a huge leap forward in cable detection technology, like its namesake, the Artemis is an unrivalled hunter, significantly outperforming the next best solution in terms of depth, orientation and accuracy. Artemis Trenching and Artemis Survey systems have been specifically developed to address the detection and tracking issues of multi-pass trenching and surveying of cables and pipelines during installation, during repair and when the power is off with out the need for a tone.

Other Use Cases


    • Detects cables and pipelines deeper than any existing technology
    • Accurately locates and orientates unpowered, powered and faulted cables
    • Surveys cables twice as fast, in real time
    • Simultaneous cable tracking and burial depth assurance
    • Plug and play for any asset

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