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Seanav 300 Series

The SeaNav 300 navigation sensor is tested and approved in accordance with international regulations as a THD (Transmitting Heading Device), and has Wheelmark certification. The SeaNav 300 provides position and true heading output with no moving parts. The instrument has the potential of replacing several vessel instruments with one compact navigation package (gyrocompass, GNSS receiver equipment, speed log and rate of turn) which outputs heading, position, velocity and rate of turn.

Other Use Cases


    • True heading anywhere on earth
    • Better than 0.5º heading accuracy
    • Heading accuracy unaffected by the latitude
    • Heading available in periods of GNSS drop-outs
    • Compliant to WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS Satellite Based Augmentation Systems
    • Replaces several instruments with one robust, integrated product
    • Only paired cable (no coax) between the mast unit and the equipment on the bridge
    • Configurable update rate with default 20 ms (50 Hz)
    • Output of data on Ethernet
    • 1PPS out synchronization signal
    • Display connected via LAN
    • Supported GNSS: GPS, GLONASS

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