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RTS Goby® Wave Charger

RTS has over the years explored different concepts of wave energy systems, and concluded that most of these theories were complex, inefficient, and costly to manufacture. RTS believe that if wave energy should become a commercial success it requires to be a simple, environmentally friendly, cost effective and small-scale solution which would eventually mature into proven technology. Using this initial design criteria, the basis for the “RTS Goby® Wave Charger” system was realised.

A preliminary design concept was then formulated by RTS and simulated utilising a number of mathematical models. Several in water test trials followed resulting in a solution that appeared simple and proven to work. RTS named this solution “Hydropower in Reverse.” This model is a moving turbine travelling in a different phase to that of the wave motion. The moving turbine rotates and spins whenever seawater is forced through the blades.

RTS Goby is now under development.



Other Use Cases


    Here are a few examples where Goby® could be utilised:

    • Sensor spreads for hydrographic and oceanographic monitoring.Traditionally these packages are powered using solar panels and batteries with all the limitations that this brings. By using subsea wave power generation, the range of sensors can be increased, and the surface buoys made smaller and lighter.
    • Charging of subsea battery banks where Goby® would be able to provide battery pack charging and data communications to resident underwater drones.
    • Further uses include observation of critical infrastructure where the Goby® Wave Charger is equipped with monitoring devices both above and below the surface, or function as a data interface hub for a network of subsea sensors.

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