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R2Sonic Integrated INS

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The I2NS™ integrates seamlessly with R2Sonic Wideband Multibeam Echosounder Systems providing accurate and robust geo-referencing and motion compensation for hydrographic surveys. The I2NS™ provides existing and new R2Sonic customers an industry proven, tightly coupled solution for vessel roll, pitch, heave, heading, position and velocity which is easy to set-up, operate and control through a monitoring window built into the R2Sonic graphical user interface. The elimination of additional processing modules reduces volume, size and cabling and allows all data flow through a single Ethernet port.


The I2NS™ is supplied in a compact waterproof housing which may be mounted on the vessel center of rotation or directly on the R2Sonic multibeam system mount bracket, to minimize patch-testing between mobilizations. All processing and interfaces are integrated into the compact Sonar Interface Module with connections for dual Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) antennas, the IMU and provision of serial input/outputs.



  • Seamless integration with R2Sonic MBES
  • Compact IMU in waterproof housing
  • Superior accuracy for multibeam operations
  • Inertially aided RTK positioning
  • High immunity to GNSS outages
  • Export license not required to most countries

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