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R2Sonic 2020 Multibeam Echosounder

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The Sonic 2020 is the most compact high performance wideband shallow water multibeam echosounder, suitable for a wide variety of general mapping applications.


The Sonic 2020 provides over 20x selectable operating frequencies to chose from within the 200 to 400 kHz band, with unparalleled flexibility to trade off resolution and range and controlling interference from other active acoustic systems. In addition to selectable operating frequencies, the Sonic 2020 provides variable swath coverage selections from 10° to 130° as well as ability to rotate the swath port or starboard in real-time. The Sonic 2020 frequency agility, productive swath coverage, high update rate, narrow focused 2° beam widths and 60kHz broadband signal processing provide hydrographic professionals with quality data output for shallow water survey operations.



  • Budget entry level Multibeam Echosounder.


  • 155 x 140 x 150mm, weighs only 4 kg (in air) {preliminary specifications}


  • Bathymetry with optional TruePix™ Backscatter, Raw Water Column and Forward Looking Sonar imagery.

Wideband Operation

  • Over 20x User Selectable Frequencies from 200 to 400kHz, selectable on the fly, in real-time during survey operations.

Acceptable Performance for Shallow Water Surveys

  • Focused 2° x 2° beamwidths.
  • Up to 130 Swath coverage.
  • Max Range 120m.

Ease of Operation

  • Embedded signal processor and Controller.
  • Sonar user interface from Survey application software PC.
  • Low weight, volume & power consumption (20 watts {preliminary}).

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+47 52 81 47 60 (24 hour)