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Polatrak CP Gun

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The CP Gun is the most user-friendly diver-held cathodic-protection probe on the market.


The CP Gun outperforms all other available bathycorrometer-type devices in accuracy and convenience. Longer battery life, interchangeable freshwater / seawater electrodes and ultra-bright LED displays (for limited-visibility conditions) make the CP Gun the most user-friendly diver-held CP probe.


A single set of disposable alkaline batteries provides up to 150 hours of continuous survey operation. A convenient on-off switch allows display only when actually probing for even longer life. The CP Gun is rated to depths of up to 300 m (~1000 ft).The CP Gun is designed for situations where a few contact CP readings are required. The unit, like all Polatrak probes, has twin elements and dual readouts. This provides an unparalleled level of accuracy and redundancy.


  • Twin Ag/AgCl Electrodes
  • Contact Probe (Bathycorrometer Style)
  • Replaceable Electrodes
  • Rated to 1000 fsw (305 m)
  • Integral Voltage Readout
  • Diver Held

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