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Kongsberg MS1171 Profiling Head

Availability: Rental

The 1171 Series of sonar heads have been developed to meet the requirements for both shallow and deep ocean applications. As well as the choice of operating frequencies, the new sonar heads feature faster scanning rates, improved range resolution and even clearer, sharper images, all in a more compact lighter housing.


The Multi-Frequency design allows optimising of the profiling configuration for different applications. Like the sonar head, the transducer is protected within an oil-filled, pressure compensating dome and the telemetry is automatically sensed and configured at start up to match the telemetry link used. The sonar head operation is also configured and controlled using the MS1000 Software Processor.


  • Multiple frequency capability (675kHz to 1.35 mHz)
  • Improved range and scanning rate
  • Clearer, sharper images and a >0.5 cm range resolution
  • Sample resolution of > 0.5mm
  • Lighter 4000m depth rated design
  • Optional Ethernet telemetry interface

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