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cNODE® is a new family of transponders for underwater acoustic positioning and data link. They have more than 100 channels available, and can all be positioned by HiPAP® underwater positioning systems. Each underwater target to be positioned must have a transponder or a responder installed. The transponder operates acoustically while the responder requires a cable for triggering. The new cNODE® range of transponders are backwards compatible with the older FSK channels and telemetry protocols and can therefore be used by any HPR400 and HiPAP® systems.

Key features

The various cNODE® models have either 4000m or 7000m depth rating. They have different source levels, dependant on the beam pattern, lifetime, and functions. The new cNODE® transponder family can use both traditional frequency shift (FSK) modulation technique and the new Cymbal acoustic protocol which utilizes wideband Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) signals.

Cymbal and compatibility

The new cNODE® range of transponders are compatible with the older HPR400 and HiPAP® FSK channels and telemetry protocols. The new HiPAP® 501/451/351/351P/101 systems can also optionally work with the Cymbal acoustic protocol for more accurate positioning and high speed data link (up to 8000 bits/second). Ranges can be measured with 0,01m accuracy and over longer distances due to more energy in the signals.


The cNODE® concept has a modular construction such that the transducer, transponder electronics, battery pack and optional add-on’s can be replaced individually. The Floating collars have been redesigned and are very user friendly and secure in use. The HiPAP® MF systems (not HiPAP 101) may also position Diver Emergency Channels A and B, but at a reduced range, typical max. range 1000m.

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